Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blessed Abundance... Thanksgiving.


We just returned home from celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in Kansas. As I spent most of the day cooking, I wondered if we would make it home for Thanksgiving next year? Will we be snowed in? In all my 44 years … I have only spent 2 Thanksgivings away from my parents. Not being whiny… just stating fact.

Anyway, that aside… in talking with my parents about our plan to move to Colorado & build a cabin & live off the grid – my dad seems to think that I am a real sissy! In some respect he’s probably correct in that assumption! Several times he said, “I just can’t picture ‘that one’ living like that.” The words ‘that one’ came with a pointing finger – directed at me! Granted, I’ve never asked for “hard manual labor”…that’s what I used to consider hauling irrigation pipe or working in cornfields! In fact, growing up I tried at all costs to avoid it! (And being in a Kansas cornfield in the July heat & humidity is no picnic! Ha!) I’ve never voluntarily lived without running water or electricity or any other “luxury”. Never had any desire to “pee in the grass” on a regular basis or take showers outside in cold water. Quite frankly, most of my experience with those things has come in the past 15 years when we’ve spent some time camping…and we generally showered in a bathhouse! (But, in my defense… I WANT to live this way! )

We never went camping when I was growing up… not as a family anyway… and I think dad’s only “camping” experience was compliments of Uncle Sam during the Korean Conflict. Let’s just say, he’s not a fan! My mother’s idea of camping and/or roughing it (along with some others I know) is staying at a motel and running out of towels! I pulled out the pictures to show them our lot and the views we have from our lot and the road… along with a few from one of our camping trips. I don’t know if it has sunk in yet… that this is what WE want to do and that WE have talked about it at length for several years. They seemed interested in looking at the pictures and asked questions about the lot… I think it’s just going to take some time – and maybe a trip out to see us when our home is built! It will be difficult for me personally to be that far away from my parents… especially since they are now in their 70’s… and my brother is no longer a half hour from them!

With Christmas gift-giving looming on the horizon… I am contemplating the idea of re-gifting (or recycling, if you will) things that have been given to us or that we have purchased ourselves that we no longer have a need or room for. I’m sure some would consider me to be a scrooge… not attempting to be thrifty or frugal… which is what I’m really trying to do. But when you want to simplify your life and lead a life without stuff that ultimately ends up owning you… well… “Drastic times call for drastic measures!” (Who said that?) And while we don’t “need” or want anything for Christmas we would gladly accept certain things others no longer need – such as: flannel sheets, cast iron skillets, board games, sweatshirts/sweaters or cash – as a donation to our “building fund”!

It is now about 4 months until the “Mother of all garage sales” happens… and only a short time after that we hope to leave… that means we have to continue to get rid of stuff at any cost! My plan to have a garage sale this fall fell thru due to crazy Nebraska weather patterns but that just means that items I had boxed up are marked and ready to be sold! Even after relieving my closet of 5 bags of clothing I find that I still have more I should let go. I’m going to call our local City Mission & see what they need and hopefully I will be able to alleviate some of their need!

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