Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dog days of winter? and a dog named Skeeter!

I recently watched “Reading Rainbow” with little Hayli (she fell asleep). The half hour program was dedicated to dogs. The puppies they showed were SO stinkin’ cute & really made me wish we had one! We’ve not been looking seriously – just notice when there is an ad in the paper for free puppies. (My experience with spending money buying a pet has not been good…free is definitely better!) Anyway, seeing these puppies today really made me want one… or two! Part of me thinks we should get a puppy before we head to Colorado… and part of me thinks we should wait until we get there before making that commitment. I am really not looking forward to potty training! Geesh! After all these years I finally got Jerry house broken!

Well…. Just when I think things are moving right along… or maybe even settling down some…someone throws a wrench in things! My son Alex (US Army) has a 9 month black lab – named Skeeter - who is going to be needing a home ASAP. (Please refer to the picture of Skeeter in the upper left corner.) Alex will be deploying to Iraq for a second tour beginning in May ’08 and will be taking some classes that will require him to be away from Skeeter beginning NOW… so of course, Jerry & I are the obvious targets! Ha! He’s a pretty good dog… although we’re not fond of the name. Doesn’t really go with any of the dog names we thought we’d choose from if / when we got a dog.

A few years ago while driving back from Colorado (it was way after midnight) Jerry was having a hard time staying awake so we started talking about anything… everything… then finally… dog names. Here is a sampling of what we came up with:

  • Smith… and Wesson.
  • Remington - (Remy for short) – I really like this one!
  • Winchester – (Winnie for a girl, Chester or Chet for a boy)
  • Marlin. (Are you seeing a pattern here??)
  • Fred & Ethel, Ricky & Lucy, Ozzie & Harriet, Laverne & Shirley, Lenny & Squiggy… this list could go on forever! Ha!
  • Clifford (yes! As in The Big Red Dog – although this would really only work for a “red” dog I think!)

As you may notice… Skeeter is not among the names on the list. He’s been with us for a few days now… and I’m thinking his name should be “Mama’s Boy” as he follows me around and whines if he can’t find me or if I’m in a room & have the door closed. He is mostly house trained… has had a couple minor accidents… human error… and knows a few commands (the usual: sit, stay, lay down, potty?, outside?). I checked with a local pet supply store that has obedience classes to see if Skeeter can gain some socialization skills… he doesn’t play well with others (dogs, that is).

My daughter will be coming home from Iraq in January & will be taking Hayli home with her in February… so I guess we’re trading one pooping machine for another.

Just in case I don't get back on here for a while...Have a Blessed Christmas and a Safe New Year! Keep praying for our military... and remember...

When you're down to nothin', God is up to something!

Peace & Joy be yours! ^j^

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becky3086 said...

My sister has dogs names Smith and Wesson, lol. I used to have a black lab who was great. He made it his job to protect my children who were little at the time.