Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year...

December 31, 2007

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of 2007! Where has the year gone? Our family has undergone lots of changes this year… some good… others not so good. Just like every other family in the world I suppose. My philosophy is: CHANGE is GOOD! I like change… (and not just moving furniture & painting – for those of you who know me!) I understand that not everyone does… but I think change offers an opportunity for new things to happen in your life… and God is faithful… so we should rejoice in the changes life brings!

Winter has come in Nebraska. We had a white Christmas, which is unusual for us… at least in the past 15 years maybe. Our “big snow” is usually during State Basketball Tournaments. While we don’t have nearly snow Colorado currently has - it’s still plenty for us here.

The other morning I woke to Skeeter whining – obviously needing to go out to potty – and noticed that it looked really gray & cold… the neighbor’s lilac bushes were covered in heavy frost. Had we not been in the city it would have looked much like an Ansel Adams picture!

That aside, this cold is chilling me to the bone… how am I going to make it in Colorado?? I’m not questioning my desire to move… just wondering how many layers of clothes I’ll have to wear to be warm during the winter months! I’ve been cleaning out my closets… getting rid of clothes I no longer wear (still have a few I’m hanging onto for some reason) and will need to replenish said closet with thrift store sweaters, thermal shirts & sweatshirts. I look beyond the cold… look at photos I have of our property & the surrounding area… and am filled with anticipation!

Yesterday we had a family Christmas dinner. Our family goes beyond “blended”… we joke that we don’t have a family tree – it’s more of a family “bush”! Having a blended family makes it challenging for everyone to get together for holidays… our “rule” has been: here’s the date / time / place – come when you can during that time! It’s nice to get together, fun to see the little kids playing, and the big kids playing Pitch or Cribbage. Made me wonder… again… about Christmas “future”! I’m starting to think “Christmas in July” is a good plan – at least we wouldn’t have all the other family Christmases and weather (snow & ice) to plan around!

I have been jotting down some random things… as they come to mind… things I will miss about living in Nebraska… and things I will not miss! I’m sure this is not a complete list… that things can & will be added… but these come to mind now.

Some things I will miss:

v Hanging out with our family & friends on a regular basis! We are a close family… and our friends have become our extended family. I will especially miss my girlfriends!

v Meeting my military kids at the airport! (My daughter will be leaving Iraq in January ‘08, her husband will be coming home a few months later… and my son will be going back to Iraq for 15 months starting in May ’08)

v Going barefoot in the summer!

v Going to Husker football games! (Yeah, they’ve had a rough year… but we still love ‘em & bleed Husker RED!)

v Running to WalMart to pick up a “few things”! (It’ll be close to 50 miles one way out there!)

v Garage sales and thrift stores. I’m sure they’ll be there… but not without a good drive to get there!

v HuHot! Carlos O’Kelley’s, Mazatlan, Panera Bread, USA Steak Buffet, The Mill, Barnes & Noble, Popeyes, P.O. Pears…

v “Warm” Nebraska winters.

Some things I won’t miss:

v Traffic lights! Lincoln is horrible!

v Lincoln’s traffic in general (again, primarily due to poorly timed traffic lights – see above)… but especially on “football Saturdays”!

v Sirens! Ugh!

v Streetlights blocking out the stars at night!

v Loud neighbors & their big, loud trucks at all hours – again… on “football Saturdays”!

v Car alarms going off randomly… and unattended to! Ugh!

v People knocking on my door wanting to sell me stuff I don’t need or trying to convert me! Go away! I’ve already been converted!

v Barking dogs at all hours of the night! I’ll take the coyotes – at least they know when to quit!

v Squirrels! How can they be so darned cute yet SO destructive?

v Hot, humid summers… and sweating profusely.

v Ice storms!!

God Bless... and Godspeed! Have a Blessed New Year!

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