Sunday, January 6, 2008


Last night we entertained 3 other couples... good friends that we enjoy spending time with... one couple in particular has become extended family! We enjoyed appetizers, margaritas, mixed drinks & soda... and lots of conversation! Amazing! Even without music or bar noise...we were really loud!

As time went on last night... the conversation turned to our plans of moving to Colorado. Everyone expressed their thoughts & ideas (not all positive, I might add)... and there was lots of teasing... at least I hope they were teasing!
We've long ago established that this (moving to Colorado, living in a camper, etc.) is not everyone's idea of a fun time... especially for those who don't like to camp in the first place... but I get the idea that some of them believe we'll not have any contact with civilization
(in the words of one friend " where is the closest shopping & does the hotel have room service?"), we'll have no "modern conveniences" (i.e. electricity, phone/internet/tv, bathroom) and we'll be living off berries, roots, tree bark and road kill. (I'll have to send them each an autographed copy of the cookbook I'll write on cooking with those things! Ha!)
On the upside... the same friend who wanted to know where the nearest shopping was also commented on what great shape we'll be in from all the work we'll be doing out there. There's the positive comment we were looking for! I think it will great fun & very interesting to hear what they have to say once we get out there & begin "homesteading".

OT: Yesterday we loaded up several boxes of Hayli's toys & clothes, along with items we'll be selling at a garage sale & took them to the storage unit. I undecorated our Christmas tree but left the tree in the living room with berries & birds on it. I moved a couple things around in the living room & it's starting to feel less cluttered. Of course, I have a LONG way to go as we will be selling (or giving away?) wall decor, knick-knacks, and "stuff" - in general. Some of the furniture will also "go". Some days when I think about getting rid of "stuff" I'm really okay with it... and other days it's like losing a dear friend or family member.
Today we'll be taking more stuff to the antique mall... I think this will be one of those less traumatic days!

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