Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Epiphany... er... change of plans!!

Our little Hayli went back to North Carolina to live with her mommy in March and we thought things would get back to normal (whatever normal is) and we'd make a more concerted effort to start whittling away at our possessions. I made lists and charted everything on a calendar but yet..........Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball once in a while.

We've planned this move for several months... and when it comes right down to the wire (we'd even given 30 days notice to our landlord) we discovered that maybe things are okay the way they are... that we don't have to make such drastic changes in our lives or our lifestyle... and that even tho' we'll never admit to our friends and/or family that we are crazy for wanting to build a cabin & live off the grid... that maybe we are only meant to have that land as a place to relax and enjoy God's creation? Maybe someday we will build a small cabin... but just something small... a weekend retreat... about the size of a KOA kabin! Just big enough for a bed, a small table & a couple of chairs, and maybe a space to prepare food & wash dishes on. No other amenities... simply simple!

That said ~ we did tell our friends that our plans have changed and they seem to be glad & relieved that we're not going to move permanently. We've been told by family members that there was actually a "pool" regarding who would cave first & want to come home... or maybe even more drastic (someone mentioned a murder /suicide!). I doubt we would have gone that stir-crazy out there!

After our "epiphany" I called our landlord & asked him if he had rented the house yet. He said he hadn't.... and so I continued to explain our situation! He was glad we were not going to move after all... and we were glad to not have to go out & find another place to live!

We had planned to have a tag sale...hoping to sell most of our furniture & household goods. Since "the epiphany"... we decided that we'd go ahead & have the sale like we'd planned, get rid of things that bog us down (we don't own our possessions, our possessions own us!), and still live a simple life here in the middle of suburbia! In a meager attempt at being self-sufficient we even dug up an area in the yard to plant a garden! By summer we'll be having fresh snap peas, green beans, carrots, cukes, sweet peppers... and some fresh herbs! Hopefully Skeeter won't be using the garden for digging! I'd like to plant some more flowers around the yard as it is quite plain. My latest request - for a clothesline - was met with a frown, but I'm betting it will happen soon! There's just nothing like the smell of clothes that have hung on the line to dry!

I know most of you who read this are shaking your heads. Believe me, there has been a lot of head shaking on this end too! I think the real clincher in this deal was not the back-breaking labor of building a cabin ... but the amount of money it would cost to put in a septic system, a cistern or well... but mostly get the solar system set up initially... (we figured it would cost more for power than the cabin would cost!). There were some "what ifs" that came into play. What if we build & decide we're too wimpy to stay during the winter? What if we decide our lot is too remote for comfort (there are no neighbors within a couple miles who live there year round)? What if.... what if... what if...??? And there was the "distance" factor. Our parents are aged: Jerry's dad (85) lives in central Nebraska, my folks (78 & 74) live in Kansas... it's a good 10-12 hour drive from the lot. His boys all live in/near Lincoln, my older two kids are military - one stationed in North Carolina, the other deploying to Iraq the end of April; my youngest lives in Lincoln.

We are planning to take an extended vacation to Colorado... hauling the camper out there & hanging out enjoying nature & getting to know people from the area I've met online & chatted with for the past 6 months or so. We have some friends who will be traveling to the area this summer as well... and we plan to meet up with them & show them around! We also decided to apply for passports & may head to Mexico to enjoy some beach time... and a change of scenery! This, of course, will depend largely on the price of gas this summer!

I guess that's about it for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? As of this moment we will be content to be city dwellers living a simpler life. I'll try to do better keeping this space up... so check in now & then to see what's new & exciting!

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